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Armor Piercing Guns… sort of.

Hey everyone, and welcome to the good ol’ blog! (yes, I will be saying that every time.) Today’s tidbit about me is: I fear both spiders and heights, but I’m curiously unafraid of flying! In the last blog post of mine, we discussed the race to build more ironclads. Today, lets us turn our attention […]

An Answer to “Stupidity” & “Captain Ericsson, I congratulate you…” (Scientific American, 3/29/1862)

Last week I posted about a Scientific American article that called out the US Navy and government for their “stupidity” in regards to not building enough ironclad warships.  Ironically, exactly one week later, in what would have been the very next issue of Scientific American there was an article published on a new ironclad ship […]

150 Years of “Stupidity”?

A few weeks prior I made post about Abraham Lincoln suspending habeas corpus and the role of civil liberties during war time.  I am happy to report that the writers of Scientific American were apparently not too worried about the rights of the press being infringed upon during the Civil War.  In an article published […]

Music Monday: The Last Placid Days of Plenty

With the anniversary of the Battle of Hampton Roads right around the corner it is only right that Music Monday is dedicated to a song that is inspired by the events of March 8-9! Hearing the intro of the song entitled “The Ironclads” by the rock band The Last Placid Days of Plenty there is […]

Music Monday: Melting Euphoria

This week Music Monday goes psychedelic with Melting Euphoria! Melting Euphoria is a band from San Francisco that is described as falling into the genre of psychedelic rock or space rock.  This categorization is evident after listening to Melting Euphoria’s song Duel of the Ironclads, which is the spotlight of this week’s Music Monday.   […]

Ironclads: “little or no use to the country”

An article in Scientific American entitled “THE NEW IRON-CLAD GUNBOATS” was printed February 15, 1862. In the article Congress confers on the making of an ironclad warship and how effective they will be.  There appears the editorial comment in that articles that says: “It appears to us that unless the new iron gunboats are designed […]

With a view to perfect protection….

In his report to Congress on July 4, 1861, Secretary of the Union Navy, Gideon Welles, voiced the following opinion: Much attention has been given within the last few years to the subject of floating batteries, or iron-clad steamers. Other Governments, and particularly France and England, have made it a special object in connection with […]