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Sixteen men. They came from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales & Denmark. And from Connecticut, Maine, New York, Maryland & Virginia. Some were black, others were white. They were officers and enlisted. Some were well-to-do and some had escaped slavery. The youngest was 18, the oldest, 32. But no matter their ages, origins or skin color […]

The Last Voyage of the USS Monitor

On Christmas Eve 1862, orders came in for the USS Monitor to proceed to Beaufort, North Carolina, then presumably to Charleston, though it was not stated in the orders.[1] On Christmas Day, both officers and crew observed the holiday with both work and festive food and drink. Some of the crew had leave to go […]

Monitor Log: 16 April 1862

Boys will be boys – and the Monitor boys were no exception.  In todays log entry, we see that seamen James Fenwick and Charles Sylvester got into a fight on this day 150 years ago and were “ironed together” as punishment. As the weather was turning during the afternoon watch, it is likely that they were […]