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Monitor Log: 24 April 1862

On this day, the Monitor was joined in Hampton Roads by another ironclad – the USS Galena. You might say they were cousins, since the Galena was championed by Cornelius Bushnell and built with iron supplied by John Winslow and John Griswold. In fact, many of the documents relating to the Monitor‘s construction contain material relating […]

contract and keel – 150 years ago today!

The ink was barely dry on the following document 150 years ago – today – when they laid the keel for Ericsson’s Battery at Continental Iron Works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.   This agreement made and entered into this twenty-fifth day of October A.D. 1861 by and between Thomas F. Rowland Agent in behalf of the […]

It’s official…….or at least 150 years ago it was…..

October 4, 1861 This Contract in two parts, made and entered into this Fourth day of October, Anno Domini One Thousand Eight hundred and Sixty-one, between J. Ericsson of the City of New York as principal, and John F. Winslow, John A. Griswold and C.S. Bushnell as sureties on the first part, and Gideon Welles, […]