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Monitor Log: 5 September 1862

The body of wardroom steward Lawrence Murray, who had rolled overboard and drowned on September 2, 1862, was recovered on this day 150 years ago. Remarks Sep 5/62   Commences & till 4 Wind N.E with clear & pleasant weather                                                                                                                                    GF  Geo. Frederickson     From 4 to 8 Wind N[orthwar]d & E[astwar]d. […]

Monitor Log: 2 September 1862

September 2nd was a grim day on the Monitor.  Sadly, Wardroom Steward Lawrence Murray, whom we met back on March 3rd in an event that did not show him at his best, died on this day. The logbook entry below records the event rather matter of factly. But crewman George Geer went into far more detail in […]

Monitor Log: 21 April 1862

Improvements continued to be made to the Monitor throughout her life – but apparently, not all of them worked.  On this day, Gager mentions the failed attempt at installing a Booby Hatch.  An intriguing term,  with no precise origin, a booby hatch usually denoted a  sliding wooden hatch cover. It could also be a small […]

Monitor Log: 3 March 1862

Yippee!  My favorite logbook entry!   On March 3rd, 1862, the Monitor was ready for her next sea trials. The logbook for that day read thus:   Remarks March 3/62 From Midnight to 4 Am. Weather light & clear wind from N                                                                                                 G Frederickson   From 4 to 8 AM. Wind & weather same                   […]