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Monitor Log: 27 April 1862

Some of the Monitor crew might have enjoyed seeing their former ship, the USS Sabine, arrive in Hampton Roads on this day. At least 10 crewmen from the Sabine volunteered for service on the USS Monitor when Lt. John Lorimer Worden made the request. The Monitor also was hostess to another distinguished visitor – Caleb Blood Smith, the Secretary […]

Monitor Log: 26 April 1862

Another ship enters Hampton Roads this day – the sidewheel steamer USS Connecticut. Though principally a supply vessel for the fleet, she had been successful in capturing several Confederate vessels in the course of her duties. Remarks Saturday April 26th /62   From Midnight to 4 A.M. Fresh N E wind & cloudy weather with […]

Monitor Log: 25 April 1862

Remarks Friday April 25th /62   From Midnight to 4 A.M. Commences & untill 4 AM Fresh breezes from eastward and cloudy weather, water was washing over the Deck fearfully                         E.V. Gager     From 4 to 8 AM Wind & weather same Tugboat Gen Wool parted her hawser alongside got her  well made fast […]

Monitor Log: 21 April 1862

Improvements continued to be made to the Monitor throughout her life – but apparently, not all of them worked.  On this day, Gager mentions the failed attempt at installing a Booby Hatch.  An intriguing term,  with no precise origin, a booby hatch usually denoted a  sliding wooden hatch cover. It could also be a small […]