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The Hurricane Expedition

Hello readers, and welcome back to the connections blog. As the east coast recovers from the impact of Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who lost their lives as a result of the weather. While the Hampton Roads area was spared the brunt of Sandy’s power, our fellow Americans to […]

Monitor Log: 16 May 1862

The crew of the Monitor expanded by one, when, during the night of May 16, 1862, a young black man rowed to the Monitor from the north shore of the James River. Thinking him to be a Confederate boarder, the men standing watch fired a warning shot and sounded the alarm that a boarding party […]

Monitor Log: 15 May 1862

Remarks Thursday May 15th/62   Midnight to 4. A.M Wind & weather same  swung to ebb at 4. A.M.  Pickets called in at 4 A.M                                                                                                             E.V. Gager     4 to 8 A.M Wind N.E and raining, at 6 AM got under weigh stood up the river.  the banks lined with riflemen firing at […]

Monitor Log: 12 May 1862

As the Monitor steamed up the James River towards Richmond, she was following in the path of the original Jamestown colonists who had made their way up the James  255 years before that very week.  Off Jamestown Island, the Monitor‘s paymaster, William Keeler, reflected on this moment: “About noon we arrived at Jamestown & found the […]