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Monitor Log: 11 May 1862

Remarks Sunday May 11/62   From Midnight to 4 A. M . Wind and weather same until 3 A.M when it shifted suddenly to E.N.E. with fresh breezes.  The fire towards Norfolk brightened and illuminated the entire Horizon.  3 AM a fire with occasional bright flashes as of powder exploding broke out towards Sewalls point batteries                                       […]

Monitor Log: 9 May 1862

Today would be the second time Abraham Lincoln visited on board the Monitor. Later that day, Lincoln personally led the reconnaissance  into enemy territory to find a suitable landing site for Union troops. Remarks  Friday May 9th/62   From Midnight to 4 A.M Pleasant weather and clear light breeze from eastward          Geo. Frederickson     From […]

Monitor Log: 8 May 1862

The weeks of inaction were finally over, and 150 years ago today, the men of the Monitor prepared their vessel for the bombardment of Sewell’s Point with incendiary shells. The Monitor was joined by the Seminole, Dacotah, Susquehanna, San Jacinto and Naugatuck. The fleet rained “an uninterrupted storm of iron…into the rebel defenses,” except for […]

Monitor Log: 26 April 1862

Another ship enters Hampton Roads this day – the sidewheel steamer USS Connecticut. Though principally a supply vessel for the fleet, she had been successful in capturing several Confederate vessels in the course of her duties. Remarks Saturday April 26th /62   From Midnight to 4 A.M. Fresh N E wind & cloudy weather with […]

Monitor Log: 22 April 1862

Remarks  Tuesday April 22nd/62   From Midnight to 4 AM Fresh breezes from S.W. & fine clear weather                        William Flye     From 4 to 8 AM Wind & weather same                                                             E.V. Gager         From 8 to Meridian Wind west & clear Baltimore boat not arrived, deserter from Norfolk came on board […]

Monitor Log: 13 April 1862

Remarks Sunday April 13th/62   From Midnight to 4 AM Commences with light air from the Eastward & clouds at 4. A.M calm & first of flood tide                                                                                                                                            E.V. Gager     From 4 to 8 AM Calm & pleasant weather nothing in sight off Sewells Pt.                                                                                                                                                                 L.N. Stodder     From 8 […]

Rip Raps and Receiving Ships

On June 15 in 1861, the Rifled Sawyer gun on Fort Calhoun (otherwise known as the Rip Raps Battery) shelled Confederate batteries at Sewell’s Point. The venerable old frigate USF United States has now become the CSRS Confederate States after the Federal abandonment of Gosport Navy Yard. The frigate was organized as a school ship […]