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Monitor Log: 5 June 1862

Remarks Thursday June 5th /62   Midnight to 4 AM Cloudy weather & heavy rain.  wind variable ending at NW.                                                                                                                                               William Flye     4 to 8 AM Wind moderate at N.W & cloudy weather                                         E.V. Gager     8 to Meridian Wind & weather same.  Gunboat Southfield moved up off the mouth of […]

Monitor Log: 27 May 1862

Remarks Tuesday May 27/62   Midnight to 4 AM Wind N.E & rain                                                                                 E.V.Gager     4 to 8 A. M Wind N.E & rainy at 7 AM saw a flag of truce on shore sent the boat found to be darkies returned on board                                                                     Louis Stodder     8 to Meridian Strong breeze from […]