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Monitor Log: 18 July 1862

Remarks July 18/62   Commences & till 4 AM First part thick & rainy. latter part passing clouds.  light breeze from the S.E.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Geo. Frederickson     From 4 to 8 Light breeze from S.E & pleasant weather                             William Flye     From 8 to Meridian Strong breezes from the E & cloudy. […]

Monitor Log: 14 July 1862

Remarks July 14/62   Commences & till 4 AM Fresh breeze & fine clear weather                                           E.V. Gager       From 4 to 8 Strong breeze from S[outhwa]rd  & smoky.  At 5 St[eame]r Satellite went down                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Louis Stodder     From 8 to Meridian Light breeze from the S[outhwa]rd & clear.  Gunboat Cimerone […]

Monitor Log: 9 July 1862

Ultimately, the Union did not take Richmond in the spring and summer of 1862. The Monitor had spent her time on the James, first supporting McClellan’s advance, and then, with the failure of the Seven Days campaign in early July, his retreat. Her morale effect had not been enough to take Richmond. Yet the public […]

Monitor Log: 26 June 1862

Remarks June 26 1862   Commences & till 4 AM Wind West & light. weather clear & pleasant                                    Geo. Frederickson     4 to 8 AM Wind & weather same. 6.30 St[eame]r Metamora went alongside of the wharf at city p[oin]t                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  William Flye     8 to Meridian Wind S.W & pleasant weather […]

Monitor Log: 25 June 1862

Remarks June 25th 62   Commences & till 4 AM Light breeze from the NNW & pleasant weather.  Saw three rockets in direction of Richmond                          William Flye     4 to 8 AM Light breeze from the N.W & clear weather                          E.V. Gager     8 to Meridian Wind N.W & clear. St[eame]r Stepping Stones […]