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Gouty Captain….

On August 7, 1862, Paymaster William Keeler wrote what is quite possibly my favorite line about the Monitor: Hot, hotter, hottest – could stand it no longer, so last night I wrapped my blanket ‘round me & took to our iron deck – if the bed was not soft it was not so insufferable hot as […]

From those who were there……

Key: John Bankhead, Captain, USS Monitor Samuel Dana Greene, Executive Officer, USS Monitor William Keeler, Acting Assistant Paymaster, USS Monitor Grenville Weeks, Acting Assistant Surgeon, USS Monitor Joseph Watters, Second Asst. Engineer, USS Monitor George Geer, Fireman, USS Monitor David Ellis, Paymaster’s Steward, USS Monitor Francis Butts, Landsman, USS Monitor Stephen D. Trenchard, Commander, USS […]

The Last Voyage of the USS Monitor

On Christmas Eve 1862, orders came in for the USS Monitor to proceed to Beaufort, North Carolina, then presumably to Charleston, though it was not stated in the orders.[1] On Christmas Day, both officers and crew observed the holiday with both work and festive food and drink. Some of the crew had leave to go […]

“…as regards Christmass…”

Three men on board the USS Monitor wrote home about their Christmas on the ironclad. First we’ll hear from an officer:   Paymaster William Keeler December 24 1862 – writing home to his wife, Anna:   Following the call of the Master at Arms at my room with his “six bells” &c last evening came Mr. […]

Monitor Log: 14 July 1862

Remarks July 14/62   Commences & till 4 AM Fresh breeze & fine clear weather                                           E.V. Gager       From 4 to 8 Strong breeze from S[outhwa]rd  & smoky.  At 5 St[eame]r Satellite went down                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Louis Stodder     From 8 to Meridian Light breeze from the S[outhwa]rd & clear.  Gunboat Cimerone […]

Monitor Log: 4 July 1862

  On 4 July 1862, the Monitor and the steamer Maratanza happened upon their old foe the CSS Teaser at Turkey Island in the James River. Commanded by Hunter Davidson, late of the CSS Virginia, the Teaser was transporting Confederate army officers to locations near Chaffin’s Bluff on the James. Two shells from the Maratanza […]

Monitor Log: 7 June 1862

Remarks Saturday May [June]7/62   Commenced & till 4 A.M Calm & cloudy very strong current                                        Louis Stodder     4 to 8 AM Cloudy weather & light breeze from the westward at 6 AM St[eame]r Jacob Bell came down from above                                  Geo. Frederickson     8 to Meridian Light airs from S.E & pleasant […]

Monitor Log: 4 June 1862

Remarks June 4th /62   Midnight to 4 AM Wind S.E. heavy rain during the entire watch.  3.45 a contraband came along side, ordered him away                     E.V. Gager     4 to 8 AM Wind baffling with heavy rain                                                            Louis Stodder     8 to Meridian Strong breeze from S.E with passing clouds at 9 […]

Monitor Log: 27 May 1862

Remarks Tuesday May 27/62   Midnight to 4 AM Wind N.E & rain                                                                                 E.V.Gager     4 to 8 A. M Wind N.E & rainy at 7 AM saw a flag of truce on shore sent the boat found to be darkies returned on board                                                                     Louis Stodder     8 to Meridian Strong breeze from […]

Monitor Log: 8 May 1862

The weeks of inaction were finally over, and 150 years ago today, the men of the Monitor prepared their vessel for the bombardment of Sewell’s Point with incendiary shells. The Monitor was joined by the Seminole, Dacotah, Susquehanna, San Jacinto and Naugatuck. The fleet rained “an uninterrupted storm of iron…into the rebel defenses,” except for […]