Distance Learning

Sailing into Educational Adventures

The Mariners’ Museum Distance Learning through Interactive Videoconferencing

Hands Holding the WorldJust as Man has used the sea to journey around the world for thousands of years, The Mariners’ Museum now uses Interactive Videoconferencing to offer programming to schools across the country and around the globe.

Programs offered by The Mariners’ Museum align with national standards of learning and can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of classroom teachers and students. Programs listed as being for all grades are adjusted to the grade level of the students participating in the program.


For the fourth year in a row, The Mariners' Museum has again won the coveted Teachers' Favorite Award. Sponsored by Berrien RESA and Polycom, teachers vote for their favorite content providers in a variety of categories. We thank all the teachers who voted for us, and look forward to working with them in the future. To learn more about the award or to see other recipients, visit http://bit.ly/KZVVFF


We are proud to announce a new series of videoconference programs
designed for the adult learner. See what we have to offer!


For more information on The Mariners’ Museum IVC Programs,
contact Ashley Ruhl at (757) 591-7745 or

Technical Requirements:
TVC TeacherDistance Learning programs are delivered on-demand using H.323 protocol.
All programs are designed to meet National Standards of Learning and can be altered to meet the needs of students in individual states.





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