Aubrey Bodine

Aubrey Bodine and the Chesapeake Bay

A. Aubrey Bodine

A true son of the Chesapeake, A. Aubrey Bodine was born in Baltimore in 1906. He became interested in photography as a teenager, and at only twenty-one he began working as a photographer for the Baltimore Sun—a professional relationship that would last a half-century. Every week Bodine's work was featured in the newspaper's popular Sunday magazine. Whether photographing watermen, cypress trees, or a Maryland power plant, Bodine showed a unique artistic vision and a Weighing Fish on The Docklove of the life and landscape of the Chesapeake Bay throughout his work. His exquisite photographs instantly distinguished him from other photographers and created in their viewers an awareness and keen appreciation of the beauty and diversity of the region. This exhibit is drawn from material Bodine himself submitted to The Mariners' Museum for an exhibition of marine photographs, as well as from a collection of 337 original photographs generously donated to the Museum by the Bodine family in 1994.

Contents - 4 aluminum framed graphic panels-approximately 38" x 74" x 1" hinged together to form a two-sided, freestanding display

Space required - 200 square feet

Shipping - Arranged by The Mariners' Museum and paid by host

Insurance - Host provides

Exhibition Period - 8 weeks

Exhibition Fee - $750