A Maritime Album

A Maritime Album

The exhibition contains 100 photographs selected by eminent photographic historian John Szarkowski, retired Curator of Photography of New York's Museum of Modern Art, with accompanying text by Richard Benson, Dean of the Art School at Yale University.

The exhibition spans the history of photography, tracing technical and aesthetic developments along the way. Photography was invented in 1839 during an age of optimism and growth in the United States. Geographic expansion and rapid industrial development showed a vigorous society on its onward march, and the camera was tailor-made to reflect the accomplishments of the era. Nowhere is this more vividly illustrated than in photographers' documentation of maritime themes, from the most elevated and formal to the most intimate and domestic. Maritime traditions and culture have always been a great source of pride. The surviving photographic record as presented in this exhibition is powerful testimony to the ways in which the sea has permeated every aspect of national life, from the grand spectacle of naval fleet reviews to the lone fisherman adrift at sea.

Included in the exhibition are photographs showing a wide array of American and foreign watercraft; ship construction and launchings; the wreck of the Adler in 1889; the seven-masted schooner Thomas Lawson under sail; construction of Minots Ledge Lighthouse in 1859; large and small fishing operations in the Chesapeake Bay and off the coast of New England; the Great White Fleet under way; the first flight by Eugene Ely off the deck of the Birmingham in 1910; wave-swept decks and ice-covered fishing boats; advancements in propulsion technology from sail to steam; women factory workers in the Philadelphia Navy Yard in 1918; naval vessels and activities during World War II; and a full-plate daguerreotype of Donald McKay, one of America's premier shipbuilders.

Contents - 100 framed black-and-white photographs, one introductory text panel, ten descriptive essay panels, and 100 caption labels (50 photograph show available for $2,500)

Space Required - Approximately 350 running feet

Shipping - Arranged by The Mariners' Museum and paid by host

Insurance - Host provides

Exhibition Period - 8 weeks

Exhibition Fee - $5,000