Message in a Bottle

It’s estimated that each year over 14 billion pounds of garbage and over 230 million plastic bottles are dumped into the world’s oceans. This exhibition highlights the work of photographer, Andy Hughes. From his series: Dominant Wave Theory, these photographs focus on the accumulation of garbage washed up on the shores where Andy surfs. These visually compelling and provocative works serve as a back drop for the sometimes challenging relationship between man and his environment.

The wasted plastic form is a predominate theme in my work. These images are meant to engage the viewer to consider a key pressing dilemma of our modern existence; they search for a dialogue between attraction and repulsion, discord and harmony. Humanity seems drawn by desire—a chance to succeed, to consume and to create, however we are consciously or unconsciously aware that much of the world is suffering as a result of our desires. Our dependence on oil and plastic with which provides packaging and material for our consumption is feeding an ever increasing mountain of junk on land and in the sea.

These abandoned washed objects speak to us now, however they will eventually and ultimately become buried by the forces of nature. Crushed by the forces of the earth, they will in the future be the markers by which our current technological civilization may be uncovered.

—Andy Hughes

Contents: 16 mounted 34” x 34” color photographs, introductory text panel, artist’s statement panel, and labels

Space Required: Approximately 122 running feet

Shipping: Arranged by The Mariners’ Museum and paid by host.

Insurance: Host provides

Exhibition Fee: $1,500

Exhibition Period: 8 weeks

Please visit the online exhibition Message in a Bottle to see some of Andy’s work and learn more.