A Tribute to 125 Years of Newport News Shipbuilding

On January 28, 1886, Collis P. Huntington founded Newport News Shipbuilding along the banks of the historic James River. His vision was to provide first-class quality in all aspects of the business and to earn a reputation for building the best ships in the world. For 125 years, generations of Newport News shipbuilders have constructed the nation’s most famous and most complex vessels. In doing so, they have helped build not only this community but also the world’s most powerful Navy.

This exhibit showcases the people, the ships and the events that have shaped the art and craftsmanship of shipbuilding for more than a century and grown Newport News Shipbuilding into the world-class business Huntington envisioned when he said:

“We shall build good ships here
At a profit—if we can
At a loss—if we must
But always good ships”



Join us Thursday, September 29, 2011 at 7:00 PM as we host William A. Fox, local historian and author as he discusses his latest book Always Good Ships: Histories of Newport News Ships. Click here for more information.