Online Exhibit: A Stamp On History

Postage stamps are art in miniature. A stamp commemorates a person, place or event and then shares that image with the world via the Postal System. Collecting stamps has generated constant enthusiasm thanks to the exotic locales, historic events, and unique personages portrayed on these tiny canvases. The Mariners' Museum holds over 10,000 of these maritime themed stamps but rarely have they been displayed. A Stamp on History is our opportunity to share this incredible collection with the public. 

Newest Chapters

Chapter 1: Columbus

Columbus has been depicted both in profile and in portrait on stamps for over a century. Ironically, no period depictions of Columbus exist to back up all this tiny art. Learn more about Columbus.

Chapter 2: Dead Countries
What happens to a country's stamp when governments fail and the country is absorbed into a larger entity? Learn more in Dead Countries.



Chapter 3: Pirates

For years, Pirates sailed the seas taking what they wanted—including the ships of their conquests. In this chapter, you'll learn which official hanged pirates in the square and which pirate died without ever having killed a man. Ready to get starrrted? Learn More about Pirates




According to the American Philatelic Society, the first stamp collecting society spun out of the first issue of stamps, in 1840! In fact, a London woman placed a newspaper ad asking for help collecting stamps. Although, in her case, she intended to wallpaper her house. Read more about stamps and the people who collect them by clicking the link below.
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