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  • Squid pro quo…the effect of lassoing squishy fish
    We accessioned a small book illustration last week that has an interesting, although slightly embarrassing story associated with it—at least for the inept pile of sailors that were involved in the incident! The print came from the 1887 book “Sea and Land: An Illustrated History of The Wonderful and Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson Apr 20 2018By Jeanne Willoz-Egnor
  • Engine, gun carriage, packing seal, oh my!
    Hi All, We have been working on a few large items in the Wet Lab recently. One of the ventilation engines needed a new support, which required flipping the object 45 degrees, and custom building a frame for this purpose. Additionally, a second round of dry ice blasting was applied Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson Apr 20 2018By Elsa Sangouard
  • Way Back Wednesdays
    I’ve posted a number of model shop images through the years, but these two recently came to my attention as I was doing some research for a descendant of the man pictured, John Bader.  The first image is Bader’s personnel photo taken in October 1935.  The second is Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson Apr 18 2018By Rachel Conley
  • 55th Anniversary of the sinking of USS Thresher
    Today is the 55th anniversary of the sinking of the US Navy submarine USS Thresher (SSN-593). The first of its class, Thresher was supposed to be an innovative leap forward in submarine design and technology but several test runs uncovered technical problems and Thresher returned to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson Apr 10 2018By Jeanne Willoz-Egnor
  • Death Rides the Storm: The story of one amazing rescue!
    While working on an inquiry for Howard this morning I stumbled across an odd object that turned out to have a really cool story attached to it. The piece was a small shadow box that was a presentation piece to First Officer Robert B. Miller, of the United States Line Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson Apr 5 2018By Jeanne Willoz-Egnor