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  • Transporting OTUSA 17 to the Museum 
    The disassembled platform of the AC72 OTUSA 17 was sitting in a warehouse in Oakland, California. Knowing that it would require some serious logistics to get the boat across the country and that winter weather might pose an issue we began planning the transport in November. Luckily, Oracle had moved Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson Apr 22 2017By Jeanne Willoz-Egnor
  • Donation of the AC72 OTUSA 17 to the Museum
    I’m being asked all sorts of questions about how the Mariners’ Museum received the donation of the AC72 hydrofoiling catamaran OTUSA 17 so I thought I’d give a little history on how this amazing vessel came to the Museum. I’ll follow that up with posts about how we got the boat into the Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson Apr 21 2017By Jeanne Willoz-Egnor
  • Reopening of the Ship Models
    Our large ship models, previously displayed in our Great Hall, have always been popular.  Back in January we had to close access to them in the process of changing out two major galleries.  They were moved to a different space and I’m happy to report that the gallery is open Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson Apr 11 2017By Rachel Conley
  • And we’re off. . .
    Our spring/summer season is off to a busy start. The week before going into the engine tank, we were in the condenser tank. No cleaning or disassembly took place. This draining was to perform maintenance and examine the artifact. We removed and scrubbed the anode and changed the reference electrodes. Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson Apr 6 2017By Kate Sullivan
  • Last week’s team effort on USS Monitor’s main engine
    The whole conservation team was busy doing some maintenance work on the USS Monitor main steam engine last week. It involved the following: • draining the 20,000 gallons of solution, removing the stainless steel anodes and the reference electrodes • performing a detailed conservation assessment of the engine • thorough Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson Apr 3 2017By Elsa Sangouard