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  • Baker Mfg. Co.’s hard wing sail (part 2)
    Since May 11th we have spent a lot of time working on the stabilization of the Baker Mfg. hydrofoil’s rigid wing sail.  We had to remove all of the adhesive that held the original canvas covering in place and make a few minor repairs to the structure.   The Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson May 25 2017By Jeanne Willoz-Egnor
  • Oracle Team USA’s shore team NEVER looked like this!
    The platform of USA 17 arrived on January 30th and by February 20th we had the boat assembled and the hardware in place. Chris, our exhibit production manager, had designed, and Hampton Sheet Metal had constructed the four platforms that would support the boat in the gallery. But we had Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson May 22 2017By Jeanne Willoz-Egnor
  • Installing the hardware in the stern crossbeam
    On the Saturday after we seated the stern crossbeam my husband Todd worked with me to install the remaining hardware between the forward crossbeam and central pod and the hardware that connected to central pod to the stern crossbeam. This was a fairly interesting process as I had Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson May 21 2017By Jeanne Willoz-Egnor
  • Spanish Rapiers
    Recently we had to pull several weapons to photography, including several that are on display.  For four of them, three rapiers and a sword, this was the first time any of us were able to get up close to them as they have been on display in Age of Exploration Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson May 20 2017By Rachel Conley
  • Mounting the stern crossbeam
    I’ve been waylaid by the cleaning and repair of the Baker hydrofoil rigid wing sail but I think it’s time to relate how we mounted the stern crossbeam. You might remember that when the Oracle team assembled the AC72 platform they connected the three central structures and then lowered them Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson May 19 2017By Jeanne Willoz-Egnor