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  • Contributions from Conservation: More than Meets the Eye
    Assistant Objects Conservator Paige Schmidt. Credit: The Mariners’ Museum and Park. Hello there Mariners! I thought it was about time I introduced myself on the blog. My name is Paige Schmidt, and I am the Assistant Objects Conservator for the museum’s general collection. While I work in the Batten Conservation Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson Jun 19 2018By Paige Schmidt
  • A Portrait of the Figurehead as a Young Bear
    Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a bear coming down along the hallway and this bear that was coming down along the hall met a nicens little photographer named Brock. Sorry, James Joyce. You’re probably rolling in your grave at my weak attempts Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson Jun 18 2018By Brock Switzer
  • Conservation goes to Texas
    Recently a few members of the conservation team (Laurie, Will, Paige, Molly, and our newest team member Emilie, a Paper Conservator!) were able to attend the American institute for Conservation (AIC) conference in Houston, Texas. We have written about attending conferences before, but for those of you that don’t know, Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson Jun 13 2018By Laurie King
  • Forsaking Hudson
    Today is the anniversary of a really unfortunate historical event. On this day in 1611 the crew aboard the ship Discovery mutinied and cast their captain, Henry Hudson, his son and seven other crewmen adrift in a small boat in the large Canadian Bay that now bears his name (Hudson’s Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson Jun 11 2018By Jeanne Willoz-Egnor
  • Way Back Wednesdays
      Today’s Way Back photos take us to the early days of this park.  This image (from June 19, 1934) shows the house where our fantastic librarian, Cerinda Evans, lived.  The house was owned by the museum.  Cerinda was our first librarian and, by all accounts, an incredibly smart Read more
    In blog Museum Blogson Jun 6 2018By Rachel Conley