Caveman Gala

A Quest for Identity

The Mariners’ Museum and NOAA have a strong, ongoing desire to positively identify two sets of human remains recovered from Monitor‘s gun turret in 2002.

One Man’s Trash….

Well, you know the old saying. But here’s a story from Cornwall (England) to get Lego enthusiasts making vacation plans for the southern UK beaches.

Savage Ancient Seas: DotD - Press Conference

See video

Concordia Flies the Blue Peter!

For the first time in over 2 years, the raised hulk of the Costa Concordia hoisted the Blue Peter, the flag now simply known as Papa that indicates a ship is ready to sail.

Returned stolen material

It’s been a while since I’ve reported on the returning stolen pieces, but I am happy to say that they continue to come in.


While not everything that glitters is gold in a shipwreck, one particular wreck that has been widening eyes and dropping jaws since 1988 is back in the news.

Loaning Objects to Jamestown

We are frequently dealing with loans, whether objects are being sent to other places or coming in for an exhibition we are planning.

Lecture Series: Chessie the Sea Serpent

Posters, part 7

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