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Good morning, readers!

Returning Pieces

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we have started recovering pieces that were stolen from our archival collection.

The Artifact is Ready for it’s Close-Up, Mr. Director

What do you do when faced with a storage area filled with artifacts, one film crew, one docent, one curator and one TV personality?   You stand around.   A lot.

Spring Lecture Series: Plagues & Pleasures


Boathouse Opens for Season

Join Us April 11 for a Special Guest Lecture by Dr. Ian MacLeod

On Friday, April 11, Dr.

Way Back Wednesdays

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  • ” A startling knell from Hatteras’ shore….”

    Having spent a glorious few hours now researching the public response to the sinking of the Monitor, I chanced upon this little gem. Enjoy!

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