Way Back Wednesdays

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  • ” A startling knell from Hatteras’ shore….”

    Having spent a glorious few hours now researching the public response to the sinking of the Monitor, I chanced upon this little gem. Enjoy!

    Can you identify this building?

    Good morning, Readers,

    Today I am hoping that you can help me with something that has been driving me crazy…

    Artifact of the Month – Jaguar statues

    Inspired by a recent story about how they came to be, I have decided to make our two Jaguar statues the artifacts of the month for April!

    Second General Slocum token

    The Zipse family has been very kind to us and donated another token from General Slocum, this time from Bill (William) Zipse, another grandson of the survivor William F. Zipse.

    Spring Lecture Series: Robert Meurn

    Bronze Door Society Wine Classic

    Underwater Photography in 1913

    Lately, we’ve been having 70° days here in Newport News and I can’t help but daydream about the beach.

    The Mariners' Craft Beer Festival

    Thursdays by the Lake

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