USS Florida

1901: November 30

Wash Day, June 29, 1906, USS FloridaA single turret Monitor built by Lewis Nixon at Elizabeth, New Jersey. Launched November 30, 1901. Placed in commission on June 18, 1903 under the command of Commander John C. Fremont. She was signed to the coastal squadron until 1906 when she was used for training at the Naval Academy. 1908 her name was changed to the Tallahassee and was based in Norfolk, Virginia. The Tallahassee was used as a submarine tender from 1918-1919. At the close of World War I she was taken out of commission in 1919, but then reassigned in 1920 to the Naval Reserve Force, Sixth Naval District. The Tallahassee earned the World War I Victory Metal for service from April 6, 1917- November 12, 1918. In 1922 she was sold at Charleston, South Carolina.

Displacement: 3,225 tons
Length: 252 feet
Beam: 50 feet
Draft: 12 feet 6 inches

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