USS Tippecanoe, renamed the Vesuvius, then the Wyandotte

1864: December 22

A single-turreted monitor originally named the Tippecanoe was built by Miles Greenwood at the shipyard of John Litherbury, Cincinnati, Ohio. She was launched on December 22, 1864 but not completed until 1866 in New Orleans. On June 15, 1869 she was named the Vesivius and on August 10, 1869 renamed the Wyandotte.

Between the years 1870-1872, the Wyandotte was laid up at Key West, Florida, and the Philadelphia Navy Yard, In 1873-1874 she went through extensive repairs by John Roach, Chester, PA. 1876 she was assigned to the North Atlantic Squadron off the east coast until 1879. The Wyandotte participated in exercises and training cruises out of Hampton Roads, VA and as a station ship in Washington. In 1885 she was placed in ordinary in Richmond and then Norfolk and finally was laid up.




In 1896, she was transferred to the Connecticut state militia and then recommissioned in April 1898 during the Spanish-American War. Stationed at Boston she remained there to the wars end and returned to Philadelphia September 9, 1898. Decommissioned on September 20, 1898 and then sold for scrap January 17, 1899.

Displacement: 2,100 tons
Length: 224 feet
Beam: 43 feet
Draft: 11 feet 6 inches


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