Aeronautical Engineer and #mariner

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“It’s a bird!” “It’s a plane.” “It’s superm–” “No, really y’all, it’s a weird plane.”

Frederick K. Kirsten

“Egg-Beater Wing Plane Imitates…Eagle” claimed Modern Mechanics in 1934. Yes, you read that correctly.

As early as 1921, German-American inventor Frederick K. Kirsten (1885-1953)  was working on a wingless, rudderless airplane design. What does that even look like, you ask? Like this:   Read more

Let’s talk about the Ocean…of Plastics, clean-up efforts, & how to help

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Poster (by Stamatis Kardaris)

By now, you may be used to reading humorous stories for our #iamaMariner blog series, but this time, we wanted to talk about something a little more serious, and quite important. Why is this topic important to us as a maritime museum, you ask? Well, we are all connected to the water, and the state of our waterways plays a critical role in how we interact with this amazing and powerful resource. So, let’s get a little serious for now, and we’ll get back to the funny stories next time.

Fact vs. Myth

By now you’ve probably heard about the plastic island in the Pacific. Between the current push to recycle, sea turtles being classified as endangered, and most recently the fight against plastic straws, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has been in all sorts of news and media. Not ringing a bell? Check out more about it here.    Read more

Message in a bottle

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It says, “I’ll send an S.O.S. to the world”

Top #iamaMariner bottled note stories

What did you first think of when you read that phrase: message in a bottle? Maybe you thought of the 1979 Police song S.O.S (Message in a Bottle)? And don’t pretend the chorus isn’t stuck in your head now (its been replaying in mine for days).   Read more

Big artifacts, big moves

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Laurie and Tina walk with an artifact to ensure its safety during transport.

Hello from Conservation!

Over the past few weeks we, in the Conservation Department, got really good at walking artifacts, much like pet parents walk their furry friends. Or, at least that’s what it felt like.    Read more