Bruce is on the Loose!

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Dr. Bruce Kaiser visited The Mariners’ Museum last week and conducted a 2-day hands-on workshop on accurate elemental non-destructive XRF physics. 

Sounds like a mouthful, but Dr. Kaiser easily distilled the material and provided an opportunity for Monitor conservators to analyze numerous artifacts and samples.   Iron, copper alloys, tin, zinc, wool, and even the lead content in the glaze of a coffee mug.  Yikes!   Read more

"History or Baseball?"

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On Friday I had the pleasure of giving a tour of the museum to Jordan and Bryce, “baseball stars of the future”, and their mother, Sydney from Atlanta.  They seemed to really enjoy the experience, as did I.  I think, like many school children of today, American history is somewhat not a priority.  I stressed the importance of this subject, and encouraged them to go to the Atlanta History Museum for a more extensive lesson, since they live in the heart of the history of the Civil War!  I believe that their viewing of “The Battle of Hampton Roads” really got their attention.  Sidney grew up in Newport News and was visiting her mother here.  I told Sidney that if today’s experience didn’t plant seeds of history in the minds of her sons, I didn’t know what would.

The Port Carriage is Getting Lighter!!

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As mentioned on July 8th, several unsuccessful attempts in the removal of the wheels led us to plan B:  Disassemble the side plates by removal about 30 bolts… Fortunately, we have not had to remove every single bolt (yet), but by using Ridgid screw extractors we’ve made a great start! Removing only the bolts around the wheels released enough pressure to get us back to plan A (push and pull the wheels out).

Enjoy the following photos from last week’s work.   Read more