Planning Calendar

This Planning Calendar maps out the events, exhibitions, programs, and promotions planning for the upcoming year. You can zoom in and out to see the calendar in more detail. If you select an item from the scroll list, the known details of that event will appear in the call-out box on top. This calendar is not linked to the Museum Calendar, this calendar is for planning purposes only. Once the event has been formally accepted and finalized, the individual(s) responsible for said event or program are responsible for adding it to the Museum calendar and completing any work requests as needed.

The categories are as follows:

Exhibit – Any exhibit, internal or traveling, that is being hosted or belongs to The Mariners’ Museum & Park.

Programs – Educational programs designed to engage our visitor.

Programs – Lecture – Lectures sponsored or hosted by The Mariners’ Museum & Park.

Special Events – Events designed to engage our visitor or enhance our revenue.

Special Events – Development – Events designed to engage our donors or potential donors.

Promotion – Promotional items meant to increase our visibility to the community and attendance, such as Military Appreciation Days.

Projects – Projects that multiple departments are working on long-term that can affect their ability to do new projects and events, often grant related.

Special Projects – Special circumstances that affect departments and their accessibility or availability, such as the Library closing for an extended period of time.

Internal – Internal meetings such as Board Meetings.

Conference – Extended conferences that staff will be attending, often taking place over several days and involving people from multiple departments.

External – External events and holidays that may impact our visitation, our ability to work, or that could be potential partnerships.


Re-order the categories so they make sense – what order are they default in?
Shorten the category bar for more space for the events.
Can we make the timeline default start to current date instead of beginning of the events?
Can we default to more of a zoomed in state?
Change the style to make it more readable.