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Captive Passage The Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Making of the Americas
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The Transatlantic Slave Trade Quiz

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1) What shape best describes the transatlantic slave trade?
a) Rectangle
b) Triangle
c) Octagon
d) None of the above
2) The majority of slaves being brought to the Americas were from?
a) North Africa
b) East Africa
c) South Africa
d) West Africa
3) What country was not involved in the slave trade?
a) England
b) Holland
c) Australia
d) France
4) In 1619, the first documented captive Africans to be brought to English speaking North America arrived where?
a) Jamestown, Virginia
b) Plymouth, Massachusetts
c) Baltimore, Maryland
d) St. Augustine, Florida
5) The United States outlawed the transatlantic slave trade in what year?
a) 1776
b) 1781
c) 1808
d) 1863
6) What country was established in the early 19th century for the return of former American slaves and free blacks to the African continent?
a) Gambia
b) Liberia
c) Botswana
d) Zambia
7) What percentage (approximate) of enslaved Africans was brought to North America during the course of the transatlantic slave trade?
a) 94%
b) 50%
c) 6%
d) 72%
8) What action freed all slaves in the United States?
a) The 13th Amendment to the Constitution
b) The Emancipation Proclamation
c) The Battle of Gettysburg
d) None of the above



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