Chesapeake Bay - Glossary
Chesapeake Bay - Our History and Our Future

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Aboriginal native, indigenous.
Acclimatizing getting accustomed to; getting use to.
Angling the act, process, or art of fishing with a hook, line, and usually a rod.
Autonomous independent; self-contained.
Breech-clout loincloth, a cloth covering the loins.
Burdens something that is carried.
Chattel a slave; property or goods.
Confederacy a union of persons, parties, or states; alliance; league.
Crucial of supreme importance; critical.
Dibble stick a wooden stick pointed at one end that was used to make a hole in the ground into which the seed could be dropped.
Enclave a country or part of a country wholly within the boundaries of another country.
Evacuate to withdraw from a threatened area.
Expectation anticipation.
Fall line a line connecting the places where the rivers cease to be navigable because of falls.
Fletched to fledge or feather an arrow.
Hafted to fit or equip with a hilt or handle; to set into a handle.
Kwiokosuk Powhatan priest.
Matrilineal tracing ancestral descent through the mother's line instead of the father's line.
Nock the grove at either end of a bow for holding the bowstring; the notch in the end of an arrow that fits on the bowstring.
Pemmenaw a type of grass used to make fish nets, fishing line, and spun into thread for other purposes.
Permanence the condition or quality of being lasting or fixed.
Personified to represent a quality or idea.
Potential possible but not yet in existence.
Pretenses false appearances.
Prevailed was greater in strength or influence; triumphed or won a victory.
Quintans canoes.
Quitrent a rent paid instead of services rendered to a feudal lord by a freeman
Reluctance unwillingness.
Retribution something given or demanded in repayment; especially punishment.
Returns of the leaf every autumn marks another year.
Sapling a young tree.
Sinew a tendon.
Successor one that follow or replaces another in position of authority.
Suzerain sovereign, or feudal lord over other kings or leaders.
Thongs a narrow strip of leather or other material used for binding or lashing.
Three sisters "sisters who should never be apart-sisters who should be planted together."
Tuckahoe roots edible root of certain arums used for food.
Unforgivable unable to cease to feel resentment for an offense.
Vigilante self-appointed doer of justice.
Wards a person or body of persons under the protection or tutelage of a government.
Weirs a fence placed in a stream to catch fish.
Weroance ruler of a tribe or tribes, commander.
Weroansqua female ruler, commander of a tribe.
Yi-hakans long houses built by the Powhatans.
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