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The Mariners’ Lake

The Mariners’ Lake Announcement


The Board of Trustees and Staff at The Mariners’ Museum and Park are pleased to announce that we have begun the process of formally changing the name of Lake Maury to “The Mariners’ Lake”. Four years ago, The Mariners’ Museum and Park committed itself to a new mission:

The Mariners’ Museum and Park connects people to the world’s waters, because through the waters – through our shared maritime heritage – we are connected to one another.

For an in-depth analysis of our mission and how it relates to changing the name of our Lake, please read this blog from our President and CEO Howard Hoege. 

Over the last four years, our team has undertaken a number of initiatives to demonstrate that we want to serve every member of our community, and that we want to do so locally, nationally, and globally. With the help of corporate funding and private philanthropy, we 

  • Dropped the barrier to entry to our Museum, instituting a $1 Admission policy; 
  • Served thousands of local public school students with free educational enrichment programs; 
  • Expanded our offerings to special needs groups and increased outreach to our youngest mariners;
  • Developed and delivered new programming that tells the maritime stories of segments of our communities whose stories have not been told; and much more.

Adopting “The Mariners’ Lake” name is the next logical step for us. The name better reflects who we are as a museum and as a community. Specifically, our community has a shared maritime heritage that cuts across race, ethnicity, gender, age, socioeconomics, and all of the ways in which we can feel different from one another.

Simply put, we are ALL mariners and this is YOUR lake!