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Children’s Art Exhibition

Let your little Mariners’ imagination take flight, bringing to life the concepts that they have explored within the Museum and Park! Through our mission to connect people to the world’s water, we are also seeking to inspire a future generation of artists!

The Mariners’ invites children of all ages to share their artistic maritime inspiration through submitting a piece of artwork. When the Mariners’ team shifted its programs to a virtual format due to the global health crisis, we have received many story-inspired drawings from children around the world who engaged with our programs and exhibits.

Our purpose through this endeavor is to provide a platform for children to display their images in our Toys Ahoy! exhibition, and empower young creators and artists to use their imaginations and further engage with the world beyond them. By bringing to life the concepts young children explored in our galleries and programs, the hope is for children to create a connection to the world’s waters.

Artwork Guidelines

Follow theme – “The Mariners’ Museum inspires me to ________.”

  • Artwork Size: No larger than 14 in x 17 in (35.5 cm x 28 cm)
  • One piece of artwork per participant
  • 2D artwork only (Flat paper)
  • Any drawing mediums may be used (ex- paint, pencil, colored pencils, markers, crayons, charcoal, etc.)
  • Please do NOT frame the artwork or adhere it to any additional materials.
  • *Digital image files should be MINIMUM 4MB to be printable at 8.5 inches x 11 inches

Deadline for all artwork is November 1, 2021. This art exhibition is open to children, near and far!

Children who submit their artwork will have it displayed in our Toys Ahoy! exhibition in December.

Click the button below for more details on how to participate and specifications for the artwork.

We are excited to see what incredible imagination your little Mariner shares with us and the community!

Images submitted to us in 2020 from young mariners around the world!