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Newly Conserved Artifacts Now on Display!

Just in time for Battle of Hampton Roads weekend, 10 newly conserved artifacts are now on display at the USS Monitor Center, helping to tell the story of the Monitor and the CSS Virginia.

Visitors to the Monitor Center are now greeted by the muzzle of a IX-inch Dahlgren shell gun which was used on board the Virginia on March 8th, the first day of the Battle of Hampton Roads. A shot fired by the USS Cumberland damaged its muzzle and the gun was retired and later captured by the Union Navy as ‘Trophy No. 1’ This gun with its beautiful commemorative inscription is on loan to The Mariners’ Museum from the US Navy and has recently been cleaned and conserved. During the process, Will found a number of historic ‘graffitti’ inscriptions not previously visible.

Also on display are the Monitor’s engine room clock and clock movement, which is now on display for the first time after an intricate process of conservation and re-integration with replica parts. In the reconstructed crew quarters visitors can see an original bronze lamp sconce and glass chimney, pencils used on board, and a leather Wellington boot belonging to one of the crew.

In the large artifact gallery the air flask from the port side Worthington pump can be seen along with artifacts relating to the Monitor’s sinking and original coal from the Monitor’s bunkers.

Next to the ‘as found’ replica gun turret, Dahlgren gun fittings, including sights, sight covers, and a firing hammer can be seen.

Come and see these exciting new artifacts at The Mariners’ Museum!

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