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Research Services

The Mariners’ Museum and Park maintains a vast collection of objects, books, and archival materials that we display and use in our programs. Additionally, we support a wide range of research requests from people in our local, national, and global communities. Our Collection is unique in that we have both local and international significance and scope, making it one of the largest maritime history collections in North America.

The Mariners’ team assists diverse audiences, including

  • publishers, editors, and authors;
  • boat builders and modelmakers; 
  • professional and amateur researchers;
  • genealogists and family historians;
  • staff from other museums;

…and anyone with a maritime connection. 

Color photo of a log book open on a table. A white persons hand is holding a magnifying glass. Black and white photos are spread out under the book. There is also a white glove and magnifying loop on the table. In the background is a bookshelf with books on it.

Explore Our Collection

Do you want to explore our Collection before contacting us? Browse our online collection and see all the amazing paintings, prints, and objects in our Collection.

Color photo of a brass dial. The dial has 3 layers of concentric plates on it. The first plates edge is v notched all around. There is a large needle attached in the middle. These is small text written all over the plates but is to small to read. The bial sits on a all black background.

Contact us and make a connection

We are here to help! See below for more information about our different areas of research, or if you are not sure where your inquiry should land, feel free to complete an online form. A staff member will gladly steer your question to the proper person.

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