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January 27

Black History Month: More Hidden Histories Revealed (Virtual)

Join us for a virtual Black History Month program as we revisit the Museum’s origins and reveal some discoveries from the Hidden Histories project when it launched one year ago.

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January 28

Civil War Lecture:
Battle of Trent’s Reach

Hear from historian John V. Quarstein when he presents on the last major naval engagement of the Civil War.

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February 4

Blood Drive

Join The Mariner’s Museum and Park as it partners with the American Red Cross, serving as a host site for a much-needed blood drive. Save a life, give blood.

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February 5

Black History Month: African Maritime Collage

Using African fabrics, found objects, embellishments and photographs from the Museum Collections, come learn how to create collages with personal meaning in celebration of Black History Month.

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February 8

Black History Month: Doris “Dorie” Miller (Virtual)

Join us online with Ed Moore, Museum docent, as he shares the heroic story of an African-American sailor who stepped up and defended his country when Pearl Harbor was attacked.

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February 11

Civil War Lecture:
Pook’s Turtles: City-class Ironclads

Hear from historian John V. Quarstein when he presents on James Pook, who designed a fleet of city-class ironclads that ensured the Union’s stronghold along the Mississippi River.

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February 13

Friendly Hours

Join us in the galleries on the second Sunday of every month for a unique and inclusive time where guests can experience the Museum within a quieter, less crowded environment.

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February 17

Evening Lecture:
Lincoln, the Black Man’s President

Encounter the remarkable story between Abraham Lincoln and the Black community during the crucible of the Civil War with Jonathan White, associate professor of American Studies at CNU.

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February 18

Civil War Lecture:
The Honorable Robert Smalls

Hear from historian John V. Quarstein when he presents the incredible story of Robert Smalls, who was born enslaved but became most known as a recognized political leader of African American rights.

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February 24

Black History Month:
The Nilotic People (Virtual)

Celebrate Black History Month with us, and come learn about the indigenous people of the Nile Valley in Africa from Erika Cosme, the Museum’s content and interpretation developer.

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February 25

Hampton Roads History:
Harriet Buss, Educator of Freed People

Discover the captivating story of Harriet Buss, who taught formerly enslaved African Americans in Norfolk and other Southern cities after the Civil War, from Museum History Educator Lydia Davis Hester.

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February 26

US Sailing International Offshore Safety at Sea Course

The course is taught by experienced lifelong sailors and is designed for crew members of offshore races, long-distance cruisers, and any sailor wanting to improve his/her sailing skills.

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February 26

Black History Month: From the Motherland

Wrap up our celebration of Black History Month with a fascinating program of African cultures that continue to be told in today’s pop culture through movies and television.

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January 27 - February 26, 2022

Programs offered in a variety of formats!

Celebrate Black History Month with us through a variety of programs and lectures recognizing the rich history and culture of Blacks, Africans, and African Americans who helped shape the world! Bring your family to create a memorable African maritime collage or come hear the incredible stories of those whose courage, determination, and insight continue to resonate today.

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Beyond the Frame
First Friday of every month

We are all connected, even through maritime art!

This inspiring series takes you behind the scenes to explore our vast art collection like we've never done before. Experience the raw beauty of the brushstrokes, the intimate portrayal of people, daring rescues at sea, the power of our world's waters, and so much more. New episodes are shared on our social media channels the first Friday of each month!

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A one-of-a-kind urban oasis

FREE and open to the public

Situated on 550 acres of rolling woodlands, The Mariners' Park offers visitors a quiet and serene nature retreat. Whether taking a stroll or hike on our award-winning five-mile Noland Trail that surrounds the Mariners' Lake or enjoying a picnic at the famous Lions Bridge, every visit to this beautiful urban oasis will bring a new experience every time!

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