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Find your connection to the world’s waters and to one another

Through the water, we are one city, one region, one nation, one world. Find your own connection to the world’s waters and, ultimately, to each other.

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Mariners’ Lake

There’s no better way to explore Mariners’ Lake than being IN it! Enjoy a peaceful kayak or rowboat experience on the water with your loved ones on Saturdays and Sundays. Rentals are available at our boathouse.

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Connect through Nature

The Mariners’ Park

One of the nation’s largest privately owned and maintained parks. Free and open to the public.

USS Monitor Story

Monitor’s legacy is all about people. From the heroes who fought for national unity to the engineers who created a technological marvel to the conservators preserving its story today, Monitor’s story is our story. 

Connect through Art

Beyond the Frame

Join us behind the scenes to explore The Mariners’ Collection and discover stories that lie beyond the frame.

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