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End for the Oddity!

This week, I completed treatment on what is mostly like a swing check valve that I began conserving back in March (see blog post from March 15th).

Contained within a June 29th blog post, I discussed the removal of the valve components on the interior of the object. This included two small copper alloy plates, two screws, and a small piece of leather, which had served the dual purpose of sealing the valve closed as well as acted as a hinge mechanism. Upon removal, the leather component went through a separate treatment process from the metal parts. This included careful chemical and mechanical removal of corrosion products embedded within the structure of the leather followed by a free-drying process.

Reassembled valve components mounted back into the object

Once the leather was treated, the valve components were reassembled and mounted back into the object.

What Fun!!!!

Keep coming back to the blog to see all the cool things we are working on!!

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