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Worthington Water Cylinder Liners

Wednesday has been a good day for Worthington disassembly for the last couple of weeks! Last Wednesday, Gary, Eric and Will used a hydraulic press and a new tool made from recycled aluminum to press out the brass cylinder liners and iron retaining rings from both port and starboard Worthington pumps.

In the last Worthington post we had pushed out the water plungers from their brass cylinder liners. This time we removed these liners in two stages: First, we pressed on the back of the liners just enough to push out the cast iron rings which held the liners in place. Second, after removing the loose rings, we continued pressing down on the liners until they were out and free of the pump casting.

Both the rings and liners were in great condition and exhibited some subtle design features, such as the use of a partially hollow brass casting to save material and guide pins on the retaining ring to hold the liner in position. We have now removed 83 separate parts making up each Worthington pump, with a few more still to come!

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