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Mail Call!

Jeff Johnston at the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary just forwarded this information to me. I’m not sure how Google’s auto mailing system works, but somehow it decided to send an advertising postcard to the sanctuary office that was addressed to William Jeffers, Monitor‘s second appointed commander!

I hope Google doesn’t get too upset if he doesn’t respond to them…after all Jeffers passed away 128 years ago!!

Google’s postcard to Jeffers made we wonder if this type of thing had ever happened before. I didn’t take long before two historical parallels came to mind. In 1955, Marty McFly wrote a warning letter to Dr. Emmett Brown that indicated his life was in danger. The letter ultimately saved Doc Brown’s life in 1985!

And in 1885, Doc Brown sent Marty a telegram that he received from Western Union 1955!

I wonder if that means William Jeffers is alive and well in the Old West…

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