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Happy Thanksgiving from the Library

The hours are winding down here at the Library as we get ready to close for the Thanksgiving holiday until Monday, December 2nd. Before we leave, I wanted to share a few images from our photographic collection to get you into the spirit of too-tight pants, turkey comas, and being thankful, of course.

In the image to the left from our HRPE Collection, we see six members of the Mess Service Command from Camp Patrick Henry peeling potatoes en route to one of the 22 reception stations in the United States.

Even though this picture was taken on July 14, 1945, it’s a good example of the teamwork that it’s going to take to put together a feast. Especially if you have over a handful of people coming over.

PVT. Moses M. Smith, T/4 Joseph Densling, PVT. Urban Corey, PVT. Mathew Morris and PVT. Coli Sullivan

The image to the left is also from our HRPE Collection where S/Sgt. Polly Thompson is seen inside of an ice house on November 14, 1944.

The bird is always the star of the show on Thanksgiving and I know of a few picky people who find it difficult to find the perfect “one”. She doesn’t seem to mind inspecting a couple of Thanksgiving turkeys for an overseas shipment, and I bet that the recipients appreciated it.

In this next image from the HRPE Collection, we see Pvt. Lenwood E. Brinson chopping meat on the troop kitchen car of a troop train on July 14, 1945.

The caption on the back of the photograph explains that Pvt. Brinson was one of a seven-man crew of the Mess Service Command which sent cooks on troop trains to all parts of the country.

Yes, more food prep.. But it’s all worth it…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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