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Amazing Imagery… Part 1: On Land

Hello readers!

I thought make a little two-part blog featuring some stunning images that really caught my eye as I was looking through our photographic collection.

This photograph of the Biloxi Lighthouse in Biloxi, Mississippi, was taken by Ralph Smith. Don’t you just love those clouds?


This photograph, also taken by Ralph Smith, features the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse in Cape Canaveral, Florida. According to Smith’s notes, it was built in 1848, then rebuilt in 1894. The perspective almost gives me that feeling of falling.


I seem to admire Ralph Smith’s work because I also love his photograph of the Cape Henry Lighthouse, built in 1881. Here he has perfectly captured the image that I think we’ve all attempted during lighthouse tours. I say “attempted” because I know all of mine have hands and peering heads in them.


Ralph Smith also captured an image featuring the keeper of the Cove Point Lighthouse adjusting the lens. According to Smith’s notes, this lighthouse was built in 1828 and rebuilt in 1857.


In this photograph, taken by Edwin Levick, Harold Vanderbilt, and W. Starling Burgess, an interior view of sail loft shows people busy making sails.


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