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Amazing Imagery… Part 2: At Sea

Hello readers!
Here’s part two of my blog featuring stunning images that really caught my eye as I was looking through our photographic collection. This time, I’ve focused on images at sea. Enjoy!

The image to the left features a view of three jibs on the mast of the Enterprise. This photograph was taken by Edwin Levick in 1930.


Here is another image of the Enterprise, but from a different perspective. This is a view of the deck taken from the mast.


Here, soldiers and sailors are seen climbing down the side of the President Coolidge as they abandon the ship on October 26, 1942.


Here, the Heron Neck Lighthouse is shown with the ocean splashing on the rocks. This photograph was taken by Ralph Smith and his notes state that this lighthouse in Maine was built in 1854 and stood 28 ft. high.


Here, the Black River (West Breakwater) Lighthouse is shown. The notes state that it was built 1909, rebuilt 1919, and stood at 51 ft high.


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