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Summer in the tank farm

It is difficult to believe that it is already August. The summer is just flying by. Most days we are out in the Tank farm and the work is going well. We finished two tanks in July. Tanks 2 and 5 have new anodes, new racks and are filled with new solutions, and that leaves us just one more to go. We’re hoping to finish all work out in the tank farm by the end of August at the latest. Then it will be on to the skeg. As for what exactly a skeg is, if you check back to the blog soon you will find out.

Lowering a new rack for cast iron pieces into place
Cast iron objects placed on their new rack.
Rearrangement inside Tank 2 almost complete. The hanging orange cylinders are reference electrodes.
Organization of Tank 2 complete and beginning to fill with water.
Tank 5 complete and ready to be filled with water. The white powder on the edge of some of the objects is sodium hydroxide that has not completely dissolved yet.
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