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New Findings in the Ronson Ship Collection

Over the past three months, I have encountered all different types of findings within the Ronson Ship collection. So far, I have primarily worked with pipe stem fragments and tablewares.

Currently, the boxes that I have been working on have included various types of tablewares. The most predominant types that I have encountered thus far have included red earthenware, salt-glazed stoneware, Westerwald tankard rims, scratched-blue stoneware, Delftware, English yellow slipware as well as some blue hand-painted Chinese porcelain.

While I have come across a wide variety of tableware types, there have been some pieces that have been more challenging to accurately determine. Each day that I am working with the collection, I never know what I am going to stumble upon so it has been exciting to be able to date and pinpoint some of the household tableware that were found in the ship.

Here is a brief look into how some of the tableware pieces look:

Here are some fragments of Westerwald stoneware. It primarily dates back to 1650-1775.
Here are some larger pieces of Westerwald tankard rims.
This is an example of trailed slipware. Slipware is broken into three different categories: trailed, feathered, and dotted.
These are other designs that can be found on slipware. It typically dates back to 1580-1795. It was predominantly used for tableware.
This picture shows three separate Westerwald pieces that I was able to put back together. This type of stoneware was used mainly for mugs or jugs.

Hopefully I will have some more updates to share soon!

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