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Defending the Seas

Explore the evolution of the US Navy and the importance of sea power to our nation’s strength.

About the exhibit:

Walk through time in the immersive exhibit Defending the Seas as you explore the evolution of the US Navy and its essential place in our nation’s past, present, and future. From its origins in the American Revolution to the role aircraft carriers play in modern conflict, the story of the Navy is inseparable from United States history. Each of the five sections in this exhibit highlights various naval conflicts and the impact on popular culture, geopolitics, technology, and of course, the men and women that experienced these events first-hand.

What to expect:

  • Picture yourself inside the control room of a submarine miles under the sea.
  • Walk on a scaled-down replica aircraft carrier deck and see the pilots’ “ready room”  where they conduct pre- and post-flight briefs. 
  • Appreciate artistic representations of naval conflicts, shipbuilding, and historical propaganda. 
  • See an underwater mine and learn about the evolution of naval warfare technology.

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