Summer Programs

Maritime Adventures with an Educational Twist

There is a lot to do at The Mariners’ Museum and Park during the summer! If you are looking to attend a program once a week, please join us for Maritime Mondays!

Take your students on a fieldtrip and leave the work to us! We’ll provide the stories, artifacts, crafts, FUN and more – you provide the kids! They’ll have a blast (and learn something too) during one of The Mariners’ Museum and Park’s summer programs.*

*These programs are also available throughout the year. Please contact us for more information!

Grades: 4th – 12th

What travels 75 mph or faster, is one of Earth’s most powerful forces, and has an eye? It’s none other than a hurricane! During this program, students learn about the characteristics of hurricanes, what causes strengthening or weakening, other natural forces affecting hurricane behavior, and the impact these storms have at sea and on the land. At the conclusion of the program, students will build a model of a hurricane-proof house that can sustain 75 mile-per-hour winds.

Grades: K – 6th

Dive in to the sea and investigate the myths of monsters that have been spoken about by sailors for generations!

Grades: Rising K – 6th

Ever wonder if pirates really wore eye patches or actually had a hook? What was found their treasure chests? Do pirates still exist today? Step aboard and set sail as participants investigate the facts and fiction of pirates and learn about those who became the “rogues of the seas”.

Grades: 2nd – 12th

When the Titanic began its maiden voyage over 100 years ago, it was intended to be a week of luxury – crossing the ocean on the finest steamship ever built. What happened instead was a catastrophe so terrible it still captures our imaginations today. In this program we’ll learn about the Titanic passengers’ experiences: from the exhilaration of boarding the ship, to the tragedy of its demise in the north Atlantic.


The cost is $4.50 per student with a minimum of 12. We welcome groups with smaller numbers but a minimum fee of $54 will be charged; We require one adult for every five students. Required adults will receive free admission with additional adults paying $4.50 per person.

For more details or to book a program please contact:

Summer Programs
Interpretation Department
(757) 591-7744