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Posters, part 5

This time we have some posters from WWII era. The first one encourages those on the home front to work on a farm during the summer for the US Crop Corps so that food can continued to be produced for our troops overseas. The second one is a bit more startling and implies that Nazi’s are the enemy and a threat to Christianity. The third is a piece that came from Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company and encourage the worker’s to keep producing so that the military would have what it needed.

The first one in this grouping also comes from Newport News Shipbuilding and encourages people to carpool to work. I’ve always enjoyed the rhymes that go along with the Shipyard posters. The second poster is WWI era and has the pastel colors and imagery that I always find so appealing. It was done by artist James Montgomery Flagg to help recruit men to the Navy. The last poster is also a recruiting poster, but from WWII. I know that Lee is generally thought well of, but it seems weird to see his face on a poster for WWII. Perhaps this piece was aimed at a particular audience.

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