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Posters, part 6

Our first poster is ca 1917 recruiting poster for WWI, done by artist L.N. Britton. Keeping with the eagle theme, the second poster is also ca 1917 and was done by artist James Henry Daugherty. The image is a little dark, but when you see the poster close up the colors are very vibrant and eye-catching. We have an even larger version of this poster and I love to look it. The third picture ca 1918 by artist Albert Herter. I had never seen a YMCA poster this old before, so I thought it was pretty neat.

This second group starts with another WWI era poster, ca 1917. It clearly is trying to appeal to emotions. The second poster is from 1917 and encourages people to buy bonds to aid the war effort. The third is the only WWII poster in this group, being from ca 1944. This poster was part of a set that warned soldiers/sailors about the dangers of booby traps, encouraging them away from scavenging for souvenirs to take home. We have quite a lot of these in our collection!

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