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Posters, part 7

Our first poster is obviously a WWII poster and encourages people to remember Pearl Harbor and join the Coast Guard to help defend the country. The image was done by Charles Rosner. The second poster has pretty much the same message as the first, just without mention of Pearl Harbor. Both of these posters were used in a recruiting office in Norfolk, VA, which is probably how we ended up with them. The third poster is one of my favorites, I guess because I don’t generally associate space travel with the Navy. It is ca 1955 with an unknown artist.

“Pour it on” is a great poster from 1942 by artist Jarret Price. It was made by the United States War Production Board and it looks as though we might have received our copy from the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, which would make sense because we have received many posters from them. The second is another WWII poster and features a sad, but true, message about the inhabitants of Lidice, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic). The third poster ca 1950’s/60’s encourages women to join the Navy and shows three different positions they can hold. It was done by artist Lou Nolan.

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