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Way Back Wednesdays

While I don’t often post images that just show one object, I chose to do with this piece as the condition has drastically changed through the years. This pictures shows the smallest model in our collection, which just happens to be in a flashlight bulb. The pencil is great for comparison as it shows just how small the piece is. We still have this in our collection, but the glass of the bulb has filmed over and the little model is barely visible now.

Here we have a group of Seascouts from Baltimore, Maryland in front of our then main entrance in May of 1949. No doubt they come to tour the museum as we still have groups like this come and visit us from time to time. If possible, we try to provide them with special behind-the-scenes tours, which are always a lot of fun.

From the 30’s until just after WWII, we had a ship model shop (shown above in January of 1937) on the property. It was the men that worked in this shop that built many of the models showcased in our Great Hall of Steam Gallery. They used plans from the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company to build these models, which means that the accuracy with which they were built is amazing. The models are pretty fantastic.

And just as a reminder to everyone that summer is over, here is a picture from March 9, 1947 that shows snowfall in the park. That’s right, winter is coming and it is projected to be pretty cold this year. Hopefully Mother Nature won’t be too unkind.

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