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Way Back Wednesdays

In May of 1973 we gave a tour for several Russian Scientists, including a figurehead carving demonstration.

William T. Radcliffe was the official museum photographer for a long time and this shot of him (in 1955) preparing a model for photography is great. Have to love those old cameras! It also begs the question of, who is taking a photo of the photographer.

This image is a little different than most of the other Way Back Wednesday photos as it shows an object, rather than scene from the museum. This is probably the smallest model in the collection and is inside a flashlight bulb. Unfortunately, time has not been kind to the bulb and so now we can no longer see the model, but at least we will always have this image to know what it once looked like.

I know I share a lot of photos from the Gibbs Gallery, but we have a lot of them and William Francis Gibbs was an interesting man. This image from 1972 shows the inside of the gallery as finishing touches are being put on it.

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