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Way Back Wednesdays

Christmas display in the main exhibition room, December 1958. At the top of the display, above the Guiding Star nameboard is a decorative piece from SS Deutschland and is very possibly from the main dining room. The figurehead to the left is a Native American, probably from a British ship of the early 19th century.

View from January of 1937 showing our shipmodel building shop with two of our builders, John Bader (left) and Tilford Crandol (right). It’s great to see all of the models and half models around the room and on the wall. These men had some amazing talent and built us several beautiful models, many of which are currently on display in our Great Hall of Steam.

This is yet another picture of the opening of the International Antarctic Exhibition on October 28, 1962.

In May of 1949, the Sea Scouts from Baltimore, Maryland paid us a visit and so kindly posed in front of what used to be our main entrance.

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