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Artifact in the Park update

Every seen a cannon fly? Today I did and it was awesome!

Although I haven’t updated about it in a while, the Artifacts in the Park project is still ongoing. For those who haven’t caught one of my earlier posts about the project, people can sponsor an object in our collection, generally cannons and anchors. These objects then get cleaned up, repainted and put out in the park with a plaque for visitors to enjoy. We have a number out already and more being worked on. The objects can be seen here.

The cannon that flew today was being moved to a spot where it could more easily be worked on. It is a 32-pound Naval Alger Cannon from 1847, made by C.A. & Co. (Cyrus Alger & Co., Boston, Mass.). Hopefully it won’t be too long until this beauty is able to go out into the park.

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