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New Year and Major Changes

This year we have some big changes coming to our galleries. In early December we closed Abandon Ship: Stories of Survival, and a week or so later closed the Great Hall. To make way for an awesome new exhibition about the America’s Cup that will be in the Great Hall, we had to move all of our beautiful ship models into the area where Abandon Ship was.

This area will then become our new Great Hall of Steam. There will also be a few new models coming out to be displayed, including some of our smaller ones. Our model makers will also be moving into a new space in this gallery. All of this change has been interesting to watch as the Great Hall has pretty much looked the same since the 1930’s.

There are still a number of items that need to be removed, the figureheads, engine, and boat Sankaty. The billethead shown in the far right corner has since been dismantled, which was quite a job. Still lots of work to be done!

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