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A Night to Remember

The sinking of RMS Titanic was a horrible disaster that continues to capture the imagination of people everywhere and has inspired many movies, including A Night to Remember.

Photographed by Brock Switzer

A Night to Remember was released in 1958 and was (and still is) regarded highly for its accuracy in portraying the actual event. The story is told from the view point of the passengers and crew, especially Second Officer Charles Lightoller, played by Kenneth More. Lightoller was the most senior member of Titanic’s crew to survive.

Photographed by Brock Switzer

Our other artifact relating to the movie is the model lifeboat pictured above. It is a prop that was used in the movie, one of several. The four oarsmen would actually row, powered by a motor. Just recently we found movie stills like the one below that show the little lifeboats in action. It’s fun to see them next to one of the movie crew and realize how small they are. Movie magic!

When I first saw the model I did not think much of it, but when I learned where it came from and what it was it was used for, it suddenly became much more fascinating. It’s exciting to think we have a movie prop in the collection! And soon the little model and poster will be traveling to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library out in California with other items relating to Titanic.

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